We get asked all the time “Can you get my website better rankings?” but what a website owner really wants to ask is “Can you get more visitors to my website?” Thankfully, the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes, we can.”

The Basics of Attracting Visitors via Search Engines

  • Study which terms searchers are using frequently to find businesses like yours
  • Produce compelling content on your subject or product – staying mindful of the terms that potential customers are using
  • Mark your content up in a search engine friendly way with headings, page titles, categories and meta-data
  • Deliver your content via a well coded platform using valid code, best SEO practices and automated site map, RSS, and ping service updates
  • Track actual performance and ranking on targeted phrases
  • Build in-bound links from relevant sites with custom anchor text
  • Make on-site adjustments to content
  • Claim and customize your local Google Places business listing
  • Regularly add new content

The Basics of Attracting Visitors via Social Media

  • Share content regularly on your own social media channels to build credibility and following.
  • Create unique compelling content that resonates with your target audience. This can be tips, how-tos, videos, funny or beautiful pictures, news reports, product reviews and more.
  • Make it easy for readers to share this content via Facebook, Email, Twitter, and social bookmarking sites.
  • Promote your social profiles and encourage your audience to make connections such as posting on your wall, submitting a photo, or just clicking ‘Like’.

The Basics of Attracting Visitors via Advertising

  • Know how much a visitor is worth to you. You would calculate this based on the cost of your product or service, divided by how many visitors it takes to make a conversion (conversion rate)
  • Find Pay Per Click or Pay Per Conversion relationships where the cost per conversion remains profitable.
  • Google Adwords is a great starting point since you can set very small budgets with no contract and in conjunction with analytics you get a lot of useful performance information from a broad demographic set.
  • Banner advertising on high traffic sites in your niche market can sometimes be profitable, but tends to be the riskiest  investment.
  • Consider starting a affiliate program, as they can be huge traffic drivers to e-commerce sites or other sites that can quantify the value of a conversion.

Next we’ll discuss the basics of keeping those visitors, engaging them and turning them into customers.