Name Drop Shirt Designs

offshore-banner-namedropIf you don’t need a fully custom design or just looking to save some cash, then one of our “Name Drop” designs might be for you. Now you can have BoldWater’s bright, unique style represent you without the custom price tag!

Name drops with standard customization are $300.

  • Browse the gallery below (click any thumbnail for a larger view) to pick your base design.
  • We will add your custom text, such as boat name, marina name, tackle store name, fishing tournament name or charter / guide business name with a port of call or other location. You get to pick the colors and the general font style – Included! (2 initial versions based on your input provided, with 1 included revision)
  • In many cases, a border / background design, font style, banner style, or fish can be swapped between name drops (additional fees may apply)
  • For designs that have a placement for a boat, we can incorporate YOUR boat if you provide a quality photo in the exact angle to be used – Starting at $150

What makes our name drop designs different than the competition?

  • Well, first off, we don’t require you to print your shirts with us – we will delivered flattened, high resolution artwork to a printer of your choice.
  • Secondly, we include more customized design of your dropped in text than any one else (that we are aware of) so your final design is more unique to you.
  • Thirdly, BoldWater art is so vibrant that it just about jumps off your shirt!

Great artwork at a great price. Name drop designs are quick and easy.

Browse Name Drop T-Shirt Designs

Great artwork at a great price. Name drop designs are quick and easy.

Terms for use of Licensed Stock Art (Marine Animals, Fish, Name Drops)

BoldWater Copyrighted Art MAY NOT be reproduced or used in any way WITHOUT

(1) Discussing its intended one time usage with BoldWater Innovations.

(2) A signed agreement

(3) Receipt of full payment by company check (must clear the bank), credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover) or cash.

No usage is granted for Internet, CD ROM, or other electronic or digital use unless specifically authorized.

BoldWater Art digital files must not be archived or stored.  We ask that you delete all files 1 week after use or within 2 weeks after receipt if not selected for use.  It will assure that both parties are able to track usage in the event of misuse of BoldWater Copyrighted art.

BoldWater images are copyrighted and must be accompanied by our BoldWater tag.  The art file already includes the approved notice, but in the case that it is covered or cropped out for the final design, the undersigned agrees to add “© BoldWater” visibly associated with the BoldWater Copyrighted Art (no smaller than 6pt type).

For any misuse of BoldWater Copyrighted Art, the undersigned assumes full liability for its employees, agents, messengers and anyone involved working with the files given.   Undersigned agrees to indemnify BoldWater and all its employees harmless from any and all claims, damages, costs, liabilities, attorney fees and expenses incurred from use of Art or breach of this agreement. BoldWater provides no guarantee or warranty to the production of image(s) made by the undersigned.  BoldWater is not responsible if a file sent was corrupted or distorted at the time of transfer. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the transferred files before use. BoldWater will reissue the Art file for up to one week after initial delivery in cases of data corruption.

Name Drop Deliverables

Provided as flattened 300 dpi RGB TIFF files with alpha channel transparency or as 300 dpi RGB JPG files with no transparency. Most apparel designs are created in the RGB color space which translates well to screen printing, but can be converted to CMYK at your request. BoldWater Design does not create or provide color separations. If you are purchasing your product through BoldWater Productions, your price will include color separations done by the production facility, the film separations remain the property of the production facility.

Retrieving artwork from our archives after initial delivery to client or production facility is $25 to go into our archives, retrieve your logo or design, and either email it to you or copy to CD. (Shipping charges are additional if incurred). Archives of artwork will be available for at least 30 days after project approval, beyond that we do guarantee artwork availability.


The original fonts used in a design are not included and copyright law does not permit the transfer of font files. You can purchase most fonts commercially.