Since Boldwater lives and breathes the fishing industry we can provide an inclusive package that fits the needs of today’s serious small business owners, as well as provide access to the features that will drive tomorrow’s success, all while positioning your charter business as an exciting authoritative source for fishing in your area.

Puerto Vallarta has a new premier sport fishing charter company, aptly named PV Fish Company. With a fleet of fishing charter vessels hailing from the harbor at the stunning Paradise Village Resort, anglers are sure to find the charter they dream of. Read more

We get asked all the time “Can you get my website better rankings?” but what a website owner really wants to ask is “Can you get more visitors to my website?” Thankfully, the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes, we can.” Read more

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One of our most recently launched projects is this custom publishing platform to play hand in hand with the world’s largest fishing user forum. Read more

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