The Evolution of BoldWater®

Derek Redwine grew up fishing the offshore waters of Port Canaveral. While working as mate on a charter boat, Derek started designing and sourcing shirts for local boat captains. As his t-shirt business grew, he began to offer other creative services. He and his wife, Cory, opened Redwine Design Studios right in Port Canaveral. Ten years later, the business expanded into a full-service creative company called BoldWater®. Working closely with the marine industry and promoting inshore and offshore tournaments, BoldWater has emerged as the marine industry’s leader of creative services and advertising. Did I mention we fish hard, too?

  • 1996

    Derek founds Xtreme Graphics

  • 2001

    Redwine Design Studio Founded

  • 2005

    BoldWater® brand is created.

  • 2011

    The Redwines pass the reins to two employees.

Team BoldWater

Conan Wiedemann
Managing Partner
Art Direction, Lead Designer

Conan has been involved in visual communication and web site design for 16 years, and been a member of Team BoldWater since 2007. It is his goal to provide all BoldWater clients the ‘next-level’ solutions for their branding and web presences that is expected from us. As a dedicated manager with both visual design and back-end development experience, and a keen eye for usability and return on investment, your projects are more effective than ever!

Pam Bussen
Managing Partner
Sales and Customer Service

Pam is the glue that holds BoldWater together on a day to day basis. She is the main point of contact for BoldWater clients and makes sure that things get done in an orderly fashion despite our hectic schedules and massive influx of projects. You will enjoy dealing with her!

Derek Redwine and Cory Redwine

Since 1996 Derek has been the driving creative force of BoldWater, while his wife and partner Cory kept an eye on the bottom line. Derek’s detailed art and unique style has positioned BoldWater® as the go to source for killer design on outdoor related websites, t-shirts, logos, boat graphics and more. Derek and Cory have passed the reins of BoldWater to a couple of their long-time team members and are currently pursuing other interests.

Mike Bohak
Artist / Illustrator

Mike has been with the company for 6 years producing custom illustrations for nearly every project that passes through the door. An avid fisherman, surfer, and long time local, Mike really knows the industry.