Design Revision Policy

During the initial consultation with BoldWater to discuss your project, we ask that you are prepared with all the available information and elements important to the project. Some examples are design ideas, photographs, company goals, copy (in electronic format), layout ideas, and target audience.

We will interview you through phone conversations and your order forms to determine what it is that you are looking for. Our quotes are based on estimated design time to accomplish your stated goals. Once you communicate your vision, our designers will create one or more conceptual designs for your review.

After discussing the conceptual artwork, your quoted design fee includes 3 review cycles to achieve your completed design. In each review please thoroughly check all elements including copy (grammar / spelling), content, coloring, sizing, and placement.

Once you have given final written approval of your design, any further changes not due to designer error are billed at our current hourly design rate. Artwork will be turned over to client and/or sent to the production facility of your choice. (see Deliverables section for more information)

However, if you choose to change your design completely during any review and we are required to start a new design, you will be charged design time at $125 per hour (1 hour min).

Communicate with Your Team

If there are others involved in the decision making process, please make sure to thoroughly communicate with your team. We have received approvals or comments to move forward in a particular direction with a design – then another party has a different idea. Please communicate your vision and decide with your team and then let us know. Approvals from authorized members of a client organization are binding and will progress your project into the next phase. If two members from your team provide different comments at different times on the same design it constitutes 2 revision cycles.

Time Frames

Once deposit and required content or specs are received, most custom design projects can expect conceptual designs within 7 to 14 business days. Design completion will depend heavily on promptness of client reviews and amount of changes.

Most websites take 6 – 8 weeks to complete once deposit and all necessary content has been provided to BoldWater.

Production and shipment of apparel averages 14 business days from final art and estimate approval and receipt of deposit. Changes to your order after approval may cause delays.

Payment Terms

Custom designs and websites require a 50% deposit of the quoted amount. Projects are not put into the schedule until a deposit is received and has cleared the bank. Paying by credit card can reduce the time it takes to get started. Full payment is due before a design is delivered as press ready files on disc or email or in the case of websites, when it goes live.

Production of offset printing, promotional products, large format signage and vehicle graphics requires full payment of the quoted cost before going into production.

Apparel production requires a 50% deposit of the quoted amount before commencing. Straight shipping cost is generally added to the quoted amount when the product is ready to ship. Balance of invoice is due when product ships.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards in person or over the phone. Business or personal checks are accepted but your design may be held until payment clears your financial institution. PayPal payments may also be made online, contact accounts receivable to arrange payment.

Cancellation Policy

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with your design after 3 revisions, your project may be subject to cancellation. Any client cancellation or client delay during a review cycle of more than 30 days will result in BoldWater removing the project from the schedule and forfeiture of any advance deposit made. All work will remain the property of BoldWater®, but will be available if the project should be resumed at a later time or paid in full.

Usage Rights & Copyright

Custom Artwork (Apparel, Advertisements, Signage, Boat Lettering)

Your design is prepared and created for use as one unit in the original medium it was designed for. The graphics and type within your design may NOT be separated or used in part in any way without written permission from BoldWater Innovations LLC

Custom artwork may not be resold, distributed, given away or used for any other project or medium without the express written permission from BoldWater Inc. Please contact us to discuss acquiring additional rights of reproduction or for making derivative works.

Apparel with BoldWater Innovations LLC. artwork (with the exception of logos) may not be produced or sold in quantities of excess of 1000 pieces per calendar year without express written permission from BoldWater Innovations LLC Please contact us to arrange additional rights.

Promotional products (koozies, cups, stickers, etc) or other hard goods with BBoldWater Innovations LLC artwork (with the exception of logos) may not be produced or sold in quantities of excess of 5000 pieces per calendar year without express written permission from BoldWater Innovations LLC. Please contact us to arrange additional rights.

For example:

  • You are not authorized to use artwork designed for boat lettering in whole or part as a company logo or printed on t-shirts or other promotional material without written authorization from BoldWater Innovations LLC
  • You are not authorized to use apparel designs in whole or part as a logo, or boat lettering, or signage or in print unless to depict the actual apparel.

BoldWater retains the right to show the work in our portfolio online and in print.


BoldWater transfers full copyright of logo designs to you, the client, when full payment is received. You are free to use the logo as a whole in any way in unlimited quantities.

You may be able to register the logo with the U.S. copyright or trademark office. BoldWater Innovations LLC. does not knowingly infringe on copyrighted or trademarked material, but we do not provide any trademark or copyright research services, so if you have requested a design that incorporates elements that others have copyright or trademark ownership of, BoldWater is not responsible. It is in your best interest to verify that your company name or artwork does not infringe on the intellectual property of other organizations.

BoldWater retains the right to show the work in our portfolio online and in print.

Licensed Stock Art (Marine Animals, Fish, Name Drops)

BoldWater Copyrighted Art MAY NOT be reproduced or used in any way WITHOUT

(1) Discussing its intended one time usage with BoldWater Inc.

(2) A signed agreement

(3) Receipt of full payment by company check (must clear the bank), credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover) or cash.

No usage is granted for Internet, CD ROM, or other electronic or digital use unless specifically authorized.

BoldWater Art digital files must not be archived or stored.  We ask that you delete all files 1 week after use or within 2 weeks after receipt if not selected for use.  It will assure that both parties are able to track usage in the event of misuse of BoldWater Copyrighted art.

BoldWater images are copyrighted and must be accompanied by our BoldWater tag.  The art file already includes the approved notice, but in the case that it is covered or cropped out for the final design, the licensee agrees to add “© BoldWater” visibly associated with the BoldWater Copyrighted Art (no smaller than 6pt type).

For any misuse of BoldWater Copyrighted Art, the licensee assumes full liability for its employees, agents, messengers and anyone involved working with the files given.

BoldWater provides no guarantee or warranty to the production of image(s) made by the undersigned.  BoldWater is not responsible if a file sent was corrupted or distorted at the time of transfer. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the transferred files before use. BoldWater will reissue the Art file for up to one week after initial delivery in cases of data corruption.


BoldWater will provide you press-ready files appropriate for the professional reproduction of your design in the original medium. One PC / MAC format CDROM archive of your project is included if requested within 20 days of design approval. If after 20 days there is $25 charge to retrieve your artwork from our archives and either email it to you or copy to CD. (Shipping charges are additional if incurred)

Which file format we can deliver will depend on the method in which your design was created. Highly detailed designs are generally created as raster art and provided as TIFF or JPG while simple logos and line art designs are generally created as vectors and provided as EPS or PDF.


Several of the press ready files are not compatible with consumer level desktop software. You will need to make specific arrangements if you require files for use in email, web or word processing.

Retrieving artwork from our archives after initial delivery to client or production facility is $25 to go into our archives, retrieve your logo or design, and either email it to you or copy to CD. (Shipping charges are additional if incurred). Archives of artwork will be available for at least 30 days after project approval, beyond that we do guarantee artwork availability.


Logos are provided as flattened 300 dpi CMYK and RGB TIFF files with alpha channel transparency and as 300 dpi RGB and CMYK JPG files with no transparency.  If arranged before your design is commenced, we will create the logo in vector and provide vector EPS files. Logos are generally created in the CMYK color space, which is required for printing.


Provided as flattened 300 dpi RGB TIFF files with alpha channel transparency or as 300 dpi RGB JPG files with no transparency. Most apparel designs are created in the RGB color space which translates well to screen printing, but can be converted to CMYK at your request. BoldWater Design does not create or provide color separations. If you are purchasing your product through BoldWater Productions, your price will include color separations done by the production facility, the film separations remain the property of the production facility.

Advertisements, Business Cards, Flyers & Other Designs for Offset Printing

Provided as flattened 300 dpi CMYK EPS, TIF or PDF files.

Boat Lettering & Large Format Designs

Boat Lettering, vehicle wraps and other large format designs are provided as flattened 150-250 dpi (depending on size) CMYK EPS, TIF, JPG or PDF format.


Website coding, graphics, databases and multimedia are delivered in a web browser viewable format and placed on a publicly accessible server of your choice as final delivery. Dynamic web applications and scripts installed on your website remain the property of their copyright holders unless the code has been custom created for your project. Layout files are not provided. Archive discs are not provided, but you can download a backup from your hosting control panel.

Editable Master Files in Original Format

If you desire editable, layered or vector based working files, additional charges will apply.  The master file format available will depend on how your artwork was created. If you know that you will require a certain type of file, this must be communicated to BoldWater when the project is started. BoldWater does not provide support for editing or viewing press ready or editable artwork.


The original fonts used in a design are not included and copyright law does not permit the transfer of font files. You can purchase most fonts commercially.