Project Estimates and Additional Hours

We base our pricing on the standard amount of time needed to complete each respective project. At the point we feel a project might surpass the allotted project time, a conversation will occur to discuss the additional time needed. Further charges will be billed at our hourly service rate, currently $125 base.

I need to pay by check, can you start a project if my money is on the way?

Projects are put into rotation once a deposit has successfully cleared. We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal also for your convenience.

What format are my art files given to me?

BoldWater will provide you press-ready files appropriate for the professional reproduction of your design in the original medium. One PC / MAC format CDROM archive of your project is included if requested. Which file format we can deliver will depend on the method in which your design was created. Highly detailed designs are generally created as raster art and provided as TIFF or JPG while simple logos and line art designs are generally created as vectors and provided as EPS or PDF. Several of the press ready files are not compatible with consumer level desktop software. You will need to make specific arrangements if you require files for use in email, web or word processing.

Logos Logos are provided as flattened 300 dpi CMYK and RGB TIFF files with alpha channel transparency and as 300 dpi RGB and CMYK JPG files with no transparency. If arranged before your design is commenced, we will create the logo in vector and provide vector EPS files. Logos are generally created in the CMYK color space which is required for printing.

Apparel Provided as flattened 300 dpi RGB TIFF files with alpha channel transparency or as 300 dpi RGB JPG files with no transparency. Most apparel designs are created in the RGB color space which translates well to screen printing, but can be converted to CMYK at your request. BoldWater Design does not create or provide color separations. If you are purchasing your product through BoldWater Productions, your price will include color separations done by the production facility, the film separations remain the property of the production facility.

Advertisements, Business Cards, Flyers, Rack Cards, etc. Provided as flattened 300 dpi CMYK EPS, TIF or PDF files.

Boat Lettering & Large Format Designs Boat Lettering, vehicle wraps and other large format designs are provided as flattened 150-250 dpi (depending on size) CMYK EPS, TIF, JPG or PDF format.

Websites Website HTML and graphics are delivered in a web browser viewable format and placed on a publicly accessible server of your choice as final delivery. Dynamic web applications installed on your website remain the property of their copyright holders unless the code has been custom created for your project.

Is there a charge to put my art on disc?

The first successful delivery of your art files, whether via email, ftp or disc is included. Additional requests for files via email, CD or FTP will be $25.

Can I have editable files?

If you desire editable, layered or vector based working files, additional charges will apply. Please contact Sales for a quote. BoldWater does not provide support for editing or viewing press ready or editable artwork. The original fonts used in a design are not included and copyright law does not permit the transfer of font files. You can purchase most fonts commercially.

Can I use my logo / t-shirt / boat lettering design on anything/everything else I print? Can I have just the fish as separate artwork?

Your design is priced and created for use as one unit. The images and design work within your design may NOT be separated or used individually in any way without written permission from BoldWater Inc.

Custom designs may not be resold, distributed, given away or used for any other project or medium without the express written permission from BoldWater Inc. Please contact us to discuss acquiring additional rights of reproduction or for making derivative works.

I want a realistic person in my design; Are you able to recreate an image of a family member or friend/girlfriend?

Yes, but you must supply an image that depicts the actual position or displays the expression desired.

Will BoldWater apply the lettering to our boat?

We will gladly recommend one of our installation partners in your area or send your artwork to the local installer of your choice.

How soon am I able to have my products printed?

Our production time frame after final design approval for most print products is 2-3 weeks.

I need my products sooner. Can I get my print product rushed?

We are able to rush some items on occasion, subject to a rush order fee. This is not always possible so please call us to inquire prior to placing your order.

BoldWater is creating my logo; can we start the on a website at the same time?

Because we design each website to be consistent with your logo’s style and colors, we cannot begin the site’s design before approval of your logo design. However, you can make good use of this time and begin preparing your site’s content. Our web department may also be able to begin with some of the functional pieces of your website that are not dependent upon the design elements.

What is the normal procedure or time line for a website project?

BoldWater begins each project with a design proof that is submitted to you for approval or revisions. Once the design is approved, we create a website layout from the approved proof. Dynamic applications are then set up and your text and graphical content is inserted into the site.

Your website proposal will include an estimated time line for completion, but note that most projects are delayed as we wait for content or feedback from the client.

Need more info?

If you would like pricing or any additional information not posted on our website, please fill out our contact form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Ready to Order?

Due to the custom aspects of our design processes, all projects require initial consultation with a BoldWater representative. Please fill out our quote request and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, please call  321-868-5090.

Our office hours are 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.